Toll Manufacturing

Through growth, innovation and investing in manufacturing capacity, our presence has grown considerably across the world. This puts us in the ideal position to be able to offer customers a discrete and confidential toll manufacturing or white labelling service.

Toll manufacturing at Beardow Adams

Customers from all over the world have seen significant benefits from having some of their manufacturing outsourced by us.

Toll manufacturing is an on-demand service which can prove cost effective and save customers’ time. Because this service allows customers to focus on their core business, even the most established companies use toll manufacturing or white labelling.

Toll manufacturing is a great option for businesses who have the technical knowledge but do not have the time, facilities, or flexibility in their production to manufacture a specific adhesive or adhesives themselves. However, because they are aware that it will add significant value to their product offering, they make arrangements to have it manufactured elsewhere.

At Beardow Adams, we work with both OMMs and OEMs who are looking to sell under their own brand to support their position in the market. These customers see that toll manufacturing or white labelling is a viable and alternative business option for them.

Why toll manufacturing at Beardow Adams?

Often with toll manufacturing, the product tends to be quite niche and too complex for the customer to manufacture themselves. Our production capacity and flexibility, and expertise in this area allows us to efficiently manufacture and pack adhesives to a customer’s precise requests.

Due to factors such as the scale of our facilities and the proactivity of our staff, we are an agile and adaptable manufacturer – we can be flexible with product type and quantities, which is ideal when scheduling in toll manufacturing projects.

One of the most popular adhesives for toll manufacturing is hot melts, however customers can choose from a selection of technologies and formats when working with us. Our services cover adhesives manufactured for a wide of industries such as labelling, packaging, woodworking, and product assembly.

We are happy to set up contractual agreements with customers and to discuss any concerns they may have about IP. We have the expertise to offer a full toll manufacturing or white labelling service where customers provide us with the adhesive formulation and raw materials, or we can supply these for them.

Customers can rest easy knowing that we at Beardow Adams we will deliver their quality-assured products in a timely manner thanks to our trusted and accredited manufacturing facilities which have been producing high quality adhesives for decades.

Simply get in touch today: to begin a toll manufacturing relationship with us.

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