BeardowAdams, Inc. goes from strength to strength

Since BeardowAdams, Inc. was established in 2012 in Charlotte (USA) as part of the Beardow Adams Group, this US arm of the business has never looked back. The 2019/2020 financial year marked BeardowAdams, Inc.’s most successful year to date with an impressive growth rate of almost 40%, following 20% growth the prior year.

In the last fiscal year, BeardowAdams, Inc. has seen a 5% increase in new customers including several global consumer packaged goods companies which has increased sales. To support this achievement and drive towards further growth, Beardow Adams has invested in two new experienced sales personnel: Rob Harmening, Director of Sales, and Jimmy Linn, Regional Sales Manager.

Speaking of why he joined Beardow Adams, Rob Harmening said, “I was impressed with Beardow Adams’ track record of solving the most difficult problems for customers. They are an innovative and global organisation, who is willing to invest and take a long-term view of things. Their speed of response and flexibility is what customers seek in a trusted resource that develops the right solution. The recent success of Beardow Adams, Inc. is the direct result of these principles.” 

BeardowAdams, Inc. is growing steadily as planned by owners Bob Adams and Nick Beardow, with the primary sales focus in the US being hot-melt adhesives to serve the packaging, labelling, product assembly, woodworking, personal care and bookbinding markets. Bob Adams stated, “With our continued growth program in the US, our adhesives plant in Charlotte has grown from two production lines to four state-of-the-art lines capable of producing 66,000,000lbs to guaranteed specifications each year.”

Following BeardowAdams, Inc.’s outstanding sales achievement, we would like to take the time to publicly thank each of our employees and partners in the US for their continued hard work. Without their commitment and positivity, combined with support from the rest of the Beardow Adams Group, our US business wouldn’t be where it is today on our quest to become known globally as a high-quality adhesive manufacturer.

Looking ahead, BeardowAdams, Inc. sets its sights on increasing growth further through thought leadership, solving difficult customer problems and by focusing on its strengths, whilst keeping customer intimacy at heart. By understanding its customers’ needs such as the environmental agenda, BeardowAdams, Inc. can deliver on its expectations and remain at the forefront of market developments and innovation.


As a global adhesive manufacturer and supplier, Beardow Adams now has six plants in five countries with the resources to swiftly supply superior products to all four corners of the world.

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