Hot-Melt Adhesives for Agricultural Boxes

BAM 2500 - From field to shop, our new agricultural box adhesive for hot climates will reduce your adhesive consumption, save you money and ensure your product remains bonded, even in the most demanding of applications.

Specifically formulated for coated and uncoated corrugated boards in the agricultural box industry, BAM 2500 combines an ultra-fast setting speed, improved thermal stability and flexibility at low temperatures over commonly seen adhesives. This combination of performance allows users to maximize their production efficiencies, reduce operational downtime, while maintaining a secure, strong bond in both hot and humid climates. 

  • Colour: Off white
  • Viscosity @ 160°C: 2130cP
  • Softening Point: 110°C
  • Open Time: 12s
  • Setting Speed @ 23°C: Very Fast
  • Setting Speed @ 40°C: Fast
  • PAFT - Heat Resistance: 70°C

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