Paper Mail Wrapping

Although a relatively new development, the mailing industry is increasingly turning to paper wrap as a green alternative to plastic films as it can be sustainably sourced and is 100% recyclable. Beardow Adams' BAM 2211 hot melt grade is a bio-based adhesive that has been proven to work well with paper wrap applications, adding to its overall sustainability.

BAM 2211 is a bio-based adhesive – containing a high percentage of materials from plant and other forestry sources - that combines good tack, clean jetting, and high strength to deliver a hot melt that bonds paper mail wrapping securely and sustainably.

Its strength ensures that packs hold together, even when carrying heavy magazines and multiple inserts, making it ideal for the rigors of postal mailing. Additionally, it reduces adhesive coat weights, which decreases consumption and helps with cost savings.

The product is pressure sensitive and so is ideal for lines that start and stop frequently, with the permanent tack allowing production to pick up where it left off without the need to throw away any material. Furthermore, the adhesive is clean jetting and works well on both slow and fast lines, helping to maximise output.

For further information on bio-based paper mail wrap adhesives, contact: or speak with your local sales representative.

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