Specialist Deep Freeze Adhesives

Uniquely formulated to provide high adhesion for specialist deep freeze applications, our hot melts help businesses and consumers reduce food waste, maintain food safety, and ensure the integrity of the final product.


Whether it be for fruit and veg, dairy, meat, fish, or even delicious treats like ice cream, the market for frozen food packaging grows every year.

To support this expansion, we have a range of specialist adhesives to suit different packaging substrates, application temperatures, and specialist requirements used in the frozen food and packaging industry.

Providing the necessary flexibility required under freezing temperatures, our adhesives provide a reliable bond throughout the life cycle of the product, from factory, transportation, and storage, and finally to the end user.

Suitable for temperatures as low as -50°C degrees, our clean-running adhesives boost productivity, reduce maintenance costs, and ultimately help the bottom line.

Other key benefits of our deep freeze products include:

  • Supports move to reduce food waste
  • Helps improve food safety
  • Slower setting adhesives for cold environments
  • High strength adhesives
  • Viscosities to suit different machinery
  • Clean, trouble-free running
  • For temperatures as low as -50°C
  • Available with food contact approval
  • For challenging substrates incl. metallised paper

Switching to one of our hot melts could not be easier, with an experienced technical support team on hand to work with you throughout the approval process, from specification and small-scale trials, through to laboratory analysis, extended trials and final approval.

Some of our deep freeze adhesives include BAMFutura 55, BAMFutura 56 and BAMFutura 3 - all boasting individual benefits as well as the superior performance you can expect with BAMFutura adhesives.

Get in touch today to find the ideal adhesive for your individual application: marketing@beardowadams.com.

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