Industrial Adhesives

Beardow Adams is a global industrial adhesive manufacturer, meaning we specialise in (supplying) adhesives for multiple industries rather than ‘DIY’ options for end consumers or hobbyists.

We produce adhesives for sectors such as packaging, labelling, woodworking, product assembly, nonwoven and hygiene, filtration, and mattress construction, however our portfolio is consistently expanding to meet consumer demand and our own innovation goals.

The different adhesive technologies we produce consist of hot-melt adhesives – including pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA), water-based adhesives, solvent-based adhesives, dispersion adhesives, and dextrin and starch adhesives. We also create eco-friendly sacrificial coatings and adhesive cleaners.

Beardow Adams has been manufacturing high quality adhesives since 1977. Our industrial adhesives have been created and enhanced over time to adhere to almost any product and material via adhesion or cohesion – from wood, metal and foam to plastic, cardboard, and glass. Our industrial hot melts in particular are known for their reliability and ease of use, regardless of application or industry.

As a global industrial adhesive manufacturer, some our most popular glues include pressure sensitive adhesives for applications such as tapes and strings, converting and insect traps, and hot-melt adhesives for applications including packaging (tray forming, case and carton sealing and agricultural boxes), labelling (soft drinks and can and jars), and woodworking (edgebanding, v-grooving and profile wrapping).

With our great variety of products, customers have the ability to request adhesives with specific properties. These adhesives could differ in viscosity, temperature resistance, open time, bio-based content, and bond strength. Our experienced adhesive experts are always on hand to find exactly the right grade to meet each customer’s requirements.

Some of the largest companies worldwide use our industrial adhesives in the construction of their products. We have expanded from being a single-site UK adhesive manufacturer to now having seven production facilities in five countries with Global Partners all over the globe. This gives us the ability to fulfil large quantities of adhesive orders, no matter a customer’s location.

If you are looking for a reliable industrial adhesive manufacturer, look no further. Contact today for more information on our industrial adhesives or to set up a trial.

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